Il suffit de créer votre compte et de télécharger Wakfu. Vous pouvez consulter la note de mise à jour (de la ) dès maintenant. Bon jeu à. Vous devez télécharger le jeu depuis un ordinateur. Comment installer le jeu? 1. Téléchargez Ankama Launcher. Pour accéder à tous les jeux d'Ankama, vous. Wakfu (/homenrg.info) est un jeu vidéo de rôle en ligne massivement multijoueur (​MMORPG) produit, Média, Téléchargement Saternio, «Version - 15 janvier » [archive], sur Wakfu World, janvier (consulté le 3 juin ).

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Lire la suite Téléchargez la démo. Especially as of episode 20, where she had a dream where she often blushes when around him, and nearly kissed before she woke up. C'est tout un monde qui progresse en même temps que vous The first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October , and new episodes will continue to air into January on France 3. Certains échanges tels que des Pokémon légendaires impliquent une limitation : le niveau d'amitié requis est plus élevé.

Dans Wakfu, le jeu de rôle en ligne massivement multijoueur (MMORPG) à l?​humour décalé vivez des aventures épiques, fantastiques et communautaires. Wakfu est un jeu vidéo disponible sur ordinateur et Mac. Il s'agit d'un jeu massivement multijoueurs en ligne sorti en et produit par Ankama Games. Wakfu - Télécharger Wakfu". homenrg.info Retrieved (French); ^ "Wakfu FAQ". homenrg.info

The first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October , and new episodes will continue to air into January on France 3. Like the video game, the show is animated with Adobe Flash software; all the production is done in France, with the help of a few Japanese animators.


A spin-off called Mini-Wakfu, which features humorous shorts with characters depicted in super deformed style, has aired since September A special episode called "Noximilien l'Horloger" will be aired after the 23rd episode, it will tell the origins of the main antagonist, Nox, the production of this episode was made in Japan by a team of animators who worked on Kemonozume and Kaiba.

He is a good-natured year-old Eliatrope who only recently discovered his powers, and is on a mission to find is true family. He has lived with his adoptive father Alibert his entire life, working alongside him at his inn, and has no memories of his real family.


He has the ability to summon the teleportation portals by rotating his hand in a circular motion and throwing them to where he would like to appear, where as of recently he has gained the ability to see Wakfu and travel through his portals at blinding speeds.

It is hinted he has feelings for Amalia. Az A small "Tofu" little bird that is always seen by Yugo's side.

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Though small, it does not stop him from helping out anyway he can. Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm Voiced by Adeline Chetail Known as the Adventurer-Princess, she is a year-old being called a Sadida, who are close to all things Mother Nature , and are most noticeable for being barefoot all the time, green hair, dark skin, and wearing clothes out of leaves.


Because of this, she is able to talk to plants as well as control them. Despite her frequent bouts of sauciness, she is devoted to her friends, and can become extremely angry if they are harmed, and to helping Yugo find his family.

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It is hinted she has a crush on Yugo. He tends to act brave but foolhardy, and not much is revealed about his past or the reason for his travels.


Though despite his goofy personality he has shown on numerous occasions to be a strong fighter. As a Guardian, Sadlygrove is responsible for making sure Rubilax does not escape its sword prison and possess its owner, or others, though when he is possessed by Rubilax he becomes a monster that is incredibly physically strong similar to that of the Hulk.

He is questing with Yugo as repayment for Yugo's rescuing him from Rubilax's possession. He has an obvious attraction towards Evangelyne, constantly flirting with her to no avail. However, after he used Rubilax's powers and nearly attacked Evangelyne, he is putting himself through rigorous training so to not need Rubilax's power where he unlocks something of a berserker mode, single-handedly destroying a small army. Rubilax Voiced by Gerard Surugue A Shushu, or a demon trapped in an object, in the form of a gem on the hilt of Sadlygrove's sword.


Lire la suite Téléchargez la démo. Jeux sont le rappel de stress et loisirs dépensier le plus efficace qui est apprécié par de nombreuses personnes autour de ce monde.

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